Stylist live - Best bits


On my quest to write more, and better, I also feel I need to read more. I have a nasty habit of getting half way through a book and then just stopping to put it in my bag. The best time I should utilise for reading is my commute to work, which ranges from 40 minutes to an hour (Thanks, London…) But when it comes to it, I spend my mornings and evenings battling between picking a podcasts, a book, music, games or social media. One thing trumps them all though. Wednesday is Stylist day, and it’s probably the only thing i’ve managed to finish cover to cover recently. It’s delightfully feminist, full of interesting people and articles and still fuels my consumerist needs to buy pretty things. Perfect.

But how to take this fandom one step further? Myself and friend Bec went down to Stylist Live at Kensington Olympia, that’s how. If you like the magazine, I would genuinely recommend it. It’s inspiring and not your pushy kind of fair. You could chat to the sellers and learn about their stories and products, which gives a really rewarding feeling to my obsessive need to shop. And there’s also a lot of freebies along the way, and I don’t think anyone can turn down a freebie.

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There was too many to talk about them all but here are some of my favourites from the day:
Best Talk: Deborah Francis-White talking all things confidence.

If you don’t know Deborah Francis-White take a listen to the Guilty Feminist podcast (When podcasts win the commute battle this is my go-to) It is a wonderfully honest discussion every week about how feminism is not as straight forward as you think. At the event, Deborah was talking all things confidence, and she nailed an impression of me attempting to Network without even knowing me. She encouraged us all to self-include ourselves in situations and to “Be more Michelle Obama” which is my new favourite mantra.

New product I’m excited to try: Zozo, Clothes that fit you exactly


A few weeks ago, videos of Zozo globals fancy suit that measures you exactly and provides clothes that fit to your size filled my social feeds, and the new company was at SL giving away their suits for people to try. I’ll give it a try and see how it works, because if it does, I feel like it could genuinely revolutionise the way we all shop.

Something I’ve wanted for ages: Girl vs Cancer shirt.

I was luckily enough to be able to steal a quick chat with Lolli from Girl vs Cancer. As she describes it, it’s a company “For Badass Women Making Cancer Their B*tch.” which I think we can all get behind. And to boot their t-shirts are fun and amazing. Check them out, all the proceeds go to good causes like Coppafeel and Trekstock to name a few!

New service I love: Rare birds book club

I have been burned by Book subscription services in the past. I won’t name names as I get pretty rant about a book subsciption, that just did not deliver the books, then didn’t respond to emails… *Blood boils* *Breath* OK, I’m letting it go.

New exciting Book subscription is the Rare birds book club, I’m genuinely excited to try this (I’ve gifted it to myself for Xmas from my Mum) and it also includes a book club element where people can talk about and discuss the books read. Here’s to the same resolution I have every year of reading more….

Curly products to try: Boucléme

My friends must be bored to death of the trials and tribulations of my hair… In a very short summary. I had enviously dreamy curls that everyone love and I hated, which I (home-kit) chemically straightened and ruined when I was about 23-4 and I’ve spent the last 6 years trying to grow back. In this attempt to grow back my curls (Its on my list of self care things I actually stick too) I follow the Curly Girl Method with my hair, and that means products with absolutely no nasties in them. I’m always on the lookout for great new products, and inspiring hair goals and when I found Boucléme on Instagram I knew I had to try. I picked their curl cream which my fine hair doesn't need much of, and have since tried it twice. Firstly It smells. SO. GOOD. Secondly, it works, your hair needs to be wetter than It would normally be when you put product on but I’m genuinely loving this new cream. And if you’re a curly girl it’s definitely worth a try.

That’s enough bigging up for now… but honestly, you should go. It’s easy to get tickets not at full retail price, and I got my monies worth in freebies and knowledge gained. If you do, I’ll see you next year, I think i’m a convert.