Reducating myself to write and rethinking “Self Care.”

This would be me.

This would be me.

I like to always think about introductions like Bridget Jones does in that famous christmas party scene. “Introduce people with thoughtful details” which is then followed by the things you’d definitely not want shared about you. To give myself the real thoughtful details privilege; World of Blogging, I’m Louise. I’m 29, I work as an Art Director in Advertising, I love to travel and all things arty. I am striving to live up to the ideals and beliefs my feminist heros, to look after myself better and am also trying to re-educate myself on how to write (to name a few…)

How to write you say? you’re doing it now, Crazy lady! Oh, I wish it was that simple. Do you remember being at school and getting homework to write essays, which have to be at least 2 pages? Front and back? It became so common that it didn’t even seem like a challenge. Now, as a slightly dyslexic art based creative (who for work purposes comes with a copywriter, moving around together like the twins from The Shining) I find myself not really writing down more than a few sentences at a time. An email, will be a word or two if I can get away with it, and more often is just a gif. Why write when a small moving image can say it so much more eloquently in 15 happy frames? The longest things I write at the moment are rants about work, friends or general life on whatsapp, and sometimes If I have to read them back, I’m struck in horror by the misspelt, bad grammar filled lines that even autocorrect didn’t feel brave enough to change.

“How to re-educate?” I haven’t quite worked out yet. I’m sure there’s some courses or books I should look into. But I thought bullying myself into writing 500+ words every week might help a bit too. I’d love, if anyone ever reads this, if they could comment, or give constructive criticism with lots of clever tips on grammar and writing tricks. (By love, I obviously mean I’ll cry, exclaim “how dare they!” and then, maybe, take some notice and actually learn. Another thoughtful detail about me could be my ability to dwell on criticism.)

What to write about then? I like the idea of writing about “Self care” but not in it’s preachy sounding definition, more a reimagined Louise version. Myself and the aforementioned copywriter have our own definition of self care for daily life, which becomes pretty much anything we want it to be depending on how we feel. Want a new Top, Get it, “Self care.” Don’t want to go to a boring event or meal. Don’t go, “Self care.” More recently I’ve been trying to do more along the real lines of self care, keeping my hair healthy and losing some weight, for no-one other than myselfx, trying to have a little bit more love for me, as I seem to be stuck with me. Likely topics will revolve around this twisted definition, my life and loves. Hopefully some of it will be interesting and if nothing else, longer than two words.

What do I promise myself at the end of this post?
1. One blog a week, no getting bored. 500ish words, of proper written words.
2. Look up some books about writing.