Chub Club - How to be a healthy weight for the Irreverent

Potato Rosti with Poached egg. Go to favourite.

Potato Rosti with Poached egg. Go to favourite.

I tried looking back at pictures and I cannot pinpoint a time I went from feeling like I was a kind of healthy weight to the not so healthy weight feeling. I think it was gradual, from a surprise when you see a badly angled photo, to every photo being horrifying, from every angle. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not obese, but I am 5 foot 1 and when I started this whole diet game I was 11st 2lb, which for those in the know, is a BMI nightmare, and something needed to be done about it.

With the worlds love/hate relationship with Self care, the message is always learn to love yourself as you are. Which is 100% correct. I think that’s aspirational, but also think self care is also about learning who the best version of yourself is, and the best version of myself wants to be able to not get out of breath walking up stairs… so that’s what i’m aiming for. (Come at me stairs)

It is well worth noting that I do not think that weight is the thing that makes you a decent person. Among the good advocates for issues with weight, is Jameela Jamil and I think it’s worth making a song and dance about what she’s doing and saying. Projects like I_weigh where she gets people to list their worth as what they achieve and are, rather than what they actually weigh are picking up a lot of momentum for good reason. She suffered with an eating disorder as a teenager and is an amazing inspiration for anyone who wants to start some body self care.

I think my main problem on this subject is irreverence. I really struggle to take things like diets very seriously, so I’ve never really even thought seriously about a diet before. I’m vegetarian and eat a very “Mediterranean” diet, so the idea of cutting out the excessive alcohol and kicking the avocado a day habit didn't seem necessary. I got to a point this year after an amazing holiday and going through the photos mentioned above, where I decided my nearly 30 year old body deserves some self care as much as my nearly 30 year old mind does. I don’t want to spend any more years looking at myself disappointedly, so my birthday gift to me in 2019? I’ll have a healthy BMI please, pretty please, but with no icing on top because it’s not diet friendly...

I didn’t try out loads of diets to find the perfect one, I wish I could compare and contrast for you; but I did find Slimming world and it’s working out pretty well. It works on a theory called food optimising, where you shouldn’t ever feel hungry. You are more aware of what you’re eatting and therefore more in control of your weight. I thought this diet was for Mums with kids at home and old ladies with free time, and while it leans towards it and is best suited to people who don’t like alcohol, or eating out, or fun and have a LOT of time for cooking (who clearly don’t work in advertising...) putting in the time and effort has meant i’ve lost a stone in under 2 months, which I like. A lot. Despite all this complaining and me pet-naming it Chub-club (much more fun than Slimming World) there’s a big thing I like about it. No one is morbidly obese who goes, maybe just have a little more to love at the moment, everyone just has the same goal, loose a few/many pounds. The world has become so full of food that’s makes it far too easy to gain weight, and maybe we need to club together and learn about it.

I’d love to hear from people about other diets that have worked for them, I feel this one is great for me as it doesn’t deprive me of pasta (I am deprived of bread and avocados… but HEY, I’VE STILL GOT PASTA) but there’s always more out there to learn on healthy eating. Images on here are all Chub-club friendly, and maybe I’ll venture into the world of recipe blogging too one day.

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