Resolution - New year, New attempts at resolutions

A firm decision to do or not to do something.

A firm decision to do or not to do something.

  1. Write a weekly blog about learning how to write again

  2. Lose another stone and a half

  3. Visit a new continent

  4. Draw more, and work on illustration style

  5. Fix up the bike and cycle more

  6. Learn a language properly

  7. Read more (Books and advertising blogs)

  8. Commit to things you say you’ll commit too

  9. Declutter and sell all the things I’ll sell for the last year

  10. Be honest with yourself… mainly about the likelihood of you keeping any/all of these resolutions.

My new year started with a brisk, chilly, hungover New Years Day walk in the insta-worthy Walthamstow Wetlands for my Brother-in-laws birthday; my banging head and sleepy eyes enforced the ultimate 1st Jan feeling: Something, needs to be done. Now. I must change my life for the better!
Therefore for my word of this week I pick: Resolution.
It’s probably the most predictable word I could start my 2019 blog with, but it’s the talk of the town this week, so i’ve been trying to analyse my ambitions for this year and trying even harder to remember resolutions i’ve made, let alone stuck too in the past. (Remind me to add, “Make memorable resolutions” to my list of resolutions.)

Walthamstow Wetlands, very much worth the visit.

Walthamstow Wetlands, very much worth the visit.

Deep down I know that this year, like every other, the reason why I’ll forget them so soon is I will evidently make too many. I’ll be overly ambitious, without a plan to execute and in the long run I might achieve one or two, however determined I feel in the first week of the year.

So, to help me stick to them, or ditch the duds, i’m going to plan out each goal, give it a stickiness value and the level it will help my life… Maybe this year, they’ll finally last longer than January.

Resolution 1. Write a weekly blog about learning how to write again

I’m lucky enough to travel round my working career with one of my best friends, I made this hilarious bestie through the fact we have opposite skills in creative, that girl, can write. Though the plan is to keep her around, I feel like the industry is moving slightly towards everyone being these androgynous creatives who have to be good at everything. Personally, not sure how well this works, but it can’t hurt to get a bit of practice in. Also I payed for this blog, I better damn well use it.
Stickiness: 5/10 (I need some kind of reminder in place)
Life value: 8/10 (Helps career, Helps life!)

Resolution 2. Lose another stone and a half

This is a very much more specific version of a million goals i’ve made in the past, but this year, it feels like a sticky one. I wish I could tell New Years Louise from 2017… 2016… 15…. (you get it… it’s been every year, forever and always) that if you want to ditch this self loathing goal, you actually need to do something about it. Sounds simple, but I’ve never actually gone further than a week of going to the gym and a vague stab at healthy eatting. So, last October I started Slimming World, and committed to 3 months, I think I can keep going on this one. (Yeeeeeey)
Stickiness: 8/10 (I pay for it… and It works… helpful to the commitment levels)
Life value: 10/10 (Whatever weight makes you feel comfortable, is the right weight)

Resolution 3. Visit a new continent

I love to travel, but, this year this might not happen, with John’s job and mine, we may have to stick a little more local this year (hello italy….) BUT I HEREBY DECLARE THIS A LIFE RESOLUTION. No need to panic.
Stickiness: 3/10 (Life might get in the way this year…)
Life value: 10/10 (Travel feeds the soul. Period)

Resolution 4. Draw more, and work on illustration style

Not work drawing always seems to take a backseat, so this one is another resolution that gets made every year. I start off so well, make a commitment like a drawing a week, and it always trails off. I want to stick to this one so badly, I have dreams of illustrating children’s book I write, and to scamp at work better but alas. IF YOU HAVE TIPS AND TRICKS PLEASE TELL ME.
Stickiness: 5/10
Life value: 9/10 (Again, Career helpful!)

Resolution 5. (I really do have too many) Fix up the bike and cycle more  

I have a beautiful blue bike which is currently sitting rusting on the tiny terrace of my 1st floor flat. I can’t get it in and out of the house… so I don’t get to ride it. This one, is totally Islington councils fault, there is NO bike parking around the area so they are hindering me! It’s nothing to do with myself and John choosing a house which we couldn’t get our bikes in and out of… not at all…
Stickiness: 2/10 (*insert facepalm here*)
Life value: 10/10 (fitness is fitness right?)

Resolution 6. Learn a language properly

JOHN HAS BROUGHT ME ITALIAN LESSONS FOR CHRISTMAS. That is one big ass step closer than i’ve got to learning a language since year 11 in secondary school. Eccitante!!
Stickiness: 6/10
Life value: 10/10 (If I moved to italy I could eat delicious pizza and pasta and drink delicious wine all the time, dreamy.)

Resolution 7. Read more

More books, more blogs, more advertising magazines.
I love reading and getting into a good book, my problem is time. I have a snail's pace when it comes to reading, and then there’s all the the podcasts, magazines, audiobooks, blogs, news I also feel I need to consume, and then abandon because it all gets too much. This year I have signed up to the Rarebirds Bookclub for 3 months to start off my fiction reading and have stated my challenge on Goodreads as 12 books… Good luck me…
Stickiness: 5/10 (last year I think I read 3 books properly… so i’m not too hopeful…)
Life value: 8/10 (Reading and writing go hand in hand)

Resolution 8. Commit to things you say you’ll commit too

I have a very annoying habit, of half starting things and then something/anything getting in the way and just giving up on it, craft projects… books(see abovea while now… so here’s to a year of commiting and giving time to projects that have been half loved previously.
Stickiness: erm… 7/10 (Can the new year can change my personality?….)
Life value: 10/10 (Maybe one day I won’t annoy myself...)

Resolution 9. Declutter and sell all the things I’ll sell for the last year

I love our little flat… but it doesn’t exactly scream the cool scandinavian style my pinterest would suggest. I have too many books on shelves that aren't read and are dispersed with other stuff that I don’t even know why we own. So this year, a little scandi-style in our lives would be amazing. Spring cleaning come at me.
Stickiness: 7/10 (I love interior design, and it’s got to be done!)
Life value: 7/10 (How hard can it be….)

Resolution 10. Be honest with yourself

I feel like I spent a long time not being honest to myself about my weight, and I feel so much better for taking a strong stance to actually change it. So if I honestly ask, do I think I can keep all these resolutions? It has to be a not really…
Stickiness: 3/10 (There’s too many!)
Life value: 7/10 (how hard can it be….)

But this brings me onto my final point, can’t it be the ambition that counts? If I make 5 out of 10 of these… I’ll be really chuffed, so I’m keeping them all for the time being, Except 10, because I want to try and do all these things! If I keep Resolution 1 and keep writing this blog, i’ll do a mid year review and see what I’ve managed. Keep your fingers crossed for me.