Admitting to Breaking Promises

On the 8th of Jan, I wrote a blog about new-year's resolutions. Full of ambition, I thought It would keep me accountable and keep me on track. Did it work?

Not. So. Much.

Not. So. Much.

I haven’t broken them all… but I think it’s time to re-assess.

1. Write a weekly blog about learning how to write again
We’re not off to a good start… this has not happened! What a lovely ambition, but life got in the way. 2019 so far at work has been a whole new level of busy. A big shoot for one of our biggest clients, long days that turned into nights at work meant I put my personal creative journey on hold and let that one take over. But hey I did get to do a little tour of Britain, stay in some fun hotels and see some cool stuff. Hopefully here’s to writing more now things have calmed down.

2. Lose another stone and a half
When I wrote this goal, I was 9st 9lb, now i’m about 9st 3lb so ones a good’n. I really do look different and I love it. Progress has massively slowed on this, since holiday I don’t really seem to really be losing much just bouncing around at the same weight. Fingers and toes crossed I can get to my 9st Slimming world group target by my family holiday in Italy at the end of May… Now i’ve eaten all my easter eggs I can’t go wrong right?…

3. Visit a new continent
This is very much an ambition for the year so it’s a keeper. I recently jetted off to Lisbon for a week and as mentioned am in Italy in about a month, so though nowhere new… The travel side of life is still good.

4. Draw more, and work on illustration style
Hmmmmm, this, along with the writing hasn’t happened yet. It should… but the time to work on my own creativity hasn’t seemed to happen for a while so i’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for inspiration and time for this resolution in the next month or so!

5. Fix up the bike and cycle more
*PRAISE THE BIKE GODS* I have a space in the new bike hanger on my road! I have now got a bike outside of my house. I much preferable place for riding! I’m trying to learn driving on the roads is kinda scary if i’m honest but i’m hoping the more I do the better i’ll get!

6. Learn a language properly
I completed my first italian beginners course and start the second term on Wednesday! This time i’ll be doing it solo so hopefully it goes well and i’m fluent in no time. (high fives for me.) And here’s my latest way of helping myself remember things too, pain-stakingly conjugating on a letter board.

7. Read more (Books and advertising blogs)
I’ve read two books… in 4 months… I’m going to need to speed up

8. Commit to things you say you’ll commit too
No comment, just eye rolls.

9. Declutter and sell all the things I said I’ll sell for the last year
I have actually done this one!! John reluctantly helped me carry 5 giant bags to the charity shop the other day, of clothes that don’t fit, shoes that have sat under the bed for years and tatt I just didn’t need anymore. It was very satisfying. I also listed tonnes of stuff on Depop, so here’s so some selling so I have more excuses to buy more things for myself.

10. Be honest with yourself… mainly about the likelihood of you keeping any/all of these resolutions.
I’ve kept some? That was half honest right?

4 out of 10… In 4 months… maybe by October, i’ll be bossing all of these like a pro.
For now i'm going to prioritise writing on here more often. A space to rant and write my thoughts out which will be good for my soul, and for my bank account as I’ve already payed for this and am not getting my moneys worth. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m going to need it.

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